Aluminum Metal Yo Yo with Gift Responsive Bearing for Beginners.

Non responsive yoyo with U-shaped bearing,you need to learn binding skills to make the pro yoyo return,used to do more complex yoyo tricks,suitable for intermediate and advanced players.The provided responsive bearing can replace the non-responsive bearing,so that the rotating responsive yoyo can be pulled back automatically,suitable for beginners, kids and adults.

Yo-Yo Professional, Non-reactive Yo-Yo for Kids Adults, Metal & Plastic Trick Yo-Yo

【Special Yo-Yo】Exclusive special plastic and metal two-in-one professional yo-yo, non-reactive yo-yo is made of high-quality 6061 aluminum aerospace material, which enhances the balance of the aluminum yo-yo and enhances impact resistance and drop resistance! The unique plastic inner ring design has a very smooth surface and can achieve the best throwing effect.

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